What else I get up to

In January 2015 I started an interim Policy Consultancy role for the Association of Optometrists. This involved co-ordinating the review of its Council, setting up its Policy Committee and establishing the policy office function with a proactive policy agenda.  That has evolved into a permanent part-time role as Policy Director.  It’s absorbing and challenging, but flexible enough to allow me time for other business activities, as well as time for friends, family and fun.

Some of that includes:

Setting up a publishing company, Eyestorm Media.  We are pioneering co-publishing: an arrangement where we and authors each contribute half of the cost of publication, in return for equal shares of the royalties. Go to Lightning-books.com to find out more.

Keeping up a silly blog about my cats on my personal website kathyj.com.

And previously (2012-13) I managed Competition Commission inquiries into mergers between Bournemouth and Poole NHS Foundation Trusts (second half of inquiry), two wholesaling companies, and two Glasgow bus companies, as well as helping with other inquiries and the set-up of an inquiry into the merger of two cinema companies.

Next I am working on a website called Bookadvisor.world – for booklovers who travel and travelers who love books.